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Pete Lynch Williams with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Children
Venice: Smarter Air Charter Director Pete Lynch Williams shepherds the children of some very famous parents. Look closely: can you spot mum and dad in the picture?

Waking Sienna

Waking Sienna

Smarter Air Charter - The Book: The Extraordinary Journey!

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Smarter Air Charter is a well-established aviation broking and consultancy business with many years of private jet charter, turbo-prop and helicopter charter and management experience.

Smarter Air Charter offer exceptional air charter services. We have a wide variety of clients from the commercial, sporting, entertainment and legislative worlds. We pride ourselves on providing convenience, value, discretion and the personal touch to all who fly with us.


Private air charter is exceptional value for money when you take into account the time saved by avoiding large international airports. Fying by private jet allows you to dictate your own itinerary. Instead of having to wait for a scheduled departure you can fly whenever you wish which means you have greater flexibility when it comes to meeting your clients.

When you don’t fly by private air charter and opt for standard operators you will have to arrive hours before your departure and then queue for ages whilst you wait to go through customs and security. Using standard airliners will also mean you run the risk of having your luggage lost or damaged or suffering the indignity of industrial action.

Flying by private jet charter means: you can arrive 30 minutes before departure; you will probably be flying in a small group, so there’s no chance of losing your luggage; and, because you are likely to know the people you are flying with this means increased security.

So whether you're looking for the split-second timing of a high-powered multi-stop European business agenda, taking a small group of colleagues or friends to a sporting event or need a simple helicopter transfer, we can help, so either request an online quote or give us a call. Either way, we're looking forward to looking after you.

Tree Flight The Environment is important to our business. Visit our green aviation partner.

"As our most established partner, we at Treeflights really value the continued support given to us by Smarter Air Charter ."
Ru Hartwell - Director, Treeflights

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"I like flying with Smarter Air Charter. The planes are punctual, there, and not once has any of them ever crashed. That, to me, is important"

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