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One of the areas we've excelled in over the last two decades has been the provision of private aircraft and helicopters to very high profile clients often flying with their families or close colleagues.

All our clients are treated as VIPs but some individuals or groups of individuals require a higher level of security and privacy dictated by their public profile status or sensitive commercial or governmental/diplomatic roles. 


Smarter Air Charter has been repeatedly chosen to fly the most distinguished clients - ranging from Hollywood aristocracy to global sporting stars and commercial legends. This can only be because we get things right.



As a reflection and by-product of our modern world, privacy and discretion are highly-prized values but in some cases these commodities become basic requirements as commercial enterprises or even personal safety can become compromised.

Recognising this, we brought in a world-leading provider of specialist security planning and close personal protection - SRS Global Ltd - who are a highly professional team of former special forces personnel who bring vast experience and excel in marrying the twin requirements of attention to detail and discretion that are vital to success in these very specialised areas of expertise.


Between our two companies we can provide a complete door-to-door travel package for clients who feel this service might be of benefit to them, including all areas of strategic planning, air and ground transport, translators and personal protection for individuals, groups or families. 


To confidentially discuss how Smarter Air Charter can work with you, please contact us by phone, email or by following the link below.

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