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Smarter Air Charter has been closely involved throughout the construction, development and commissioning of a number of multi-billion pound offshore wind generation projects including Gwynt-y-Mor in the Irish Sea and the Galloper field off the east coast of the UK, providing valuable offshore aerial survey flights and air support through many different aspects of these major infrastructure commissions. 

Traditionally on offshore projects, approach by sea vessel has been the default means by which temporary or visiting staff gain access to the site. However, this might involve a round trip of over half a day for even a brief meeting or survey operation and is completely weather-dependent. Instead, we use local airfields and specialist operators for our survey flights to maximise cost-efficiency.


Smarter Air Charter worked closely with RWE-Innogy on the multibillion-Euro Gwynt y Môr project, the fifth-largest wind farm in the world located off the north-coast of Wales. Over the course of the project, we provided: 

  • Small fixed-wing aircraft to low-fly small groups of surveyors over the proposed site prior to construction.

  • The same aircraft to enable engineers and technical staff to monitor development as the site grows and expands.

  • Slightly larger fixed wing aircraft to fly investors, journalists and stakeholders over the emerging wind farm.

  • Larger fixed-wing aircraft to overfly bigger groups of staff members who had been involved in the project.

  • Light jet, turboprop or helicopter domestic flights to bring international visitors to the onshore base as seamless connections from major arrival hubs.

  • Executive helicopters to overfly the completed offshore site for senior executives and government ministers together with journalists and senior civil servants.

Rather than taking half a day or more, in some cases these flights can be completed in as little as 0h45m, leaving specialist engineers and others to make far more efficient use of the time. Over the years of GyM construction, we didn’t have to cancel a single flight due to inclement weather conditions, even over the Irish Sea.

"SAC provided regular and reliable aviation support throughout the years of the GyM project and I would be pleased to recommend them for any similar commissions.”

Paul Cowling, Director of Offshore Wind, Innogy Renewables,  2013-20 



To discuss how Smarter Air Charter can work with you on your project, please contact us by phone, email or by following the link below.

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